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From your shelf to your phone, Funko Pop! Blitz is now on Android and iOS

Everyone and their dog has heard of the Funko Pop! brand, especially in regards to its Vinyl figures. Even if you don’t own one of the small figures, you’ve certainly seen them at GameStop, Walmart, Target and any other vendor across the globe. It was only a matter of time, of course, until the company branched out into video games.

Released to Android and iOS, Funko Pop! Blitz was created by N3TWORK and TicToc Games in an effort to bring pop culture movies and television to your smartphone device.

N3TWORK CEO Neil Young tells, “Funko Pop! Blitz is the ultimate pop culture mashup game. In collaboration with Tic Toc, we have created an accessible yet endlessly delightful game that blends the puzzle game mechanic with beloved characters from some of the world’s most popular entertainment franchises. Whatever you’re a fan of, you’re sure to find it in Funko Pop! Blitz.”

Under the guise of a match-3 puzzle game, Funko Pop! Blitz features characters from Back to the Future, E.T., Jurassic Park/World, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek and many more. As you match pictures, you unlock recognizable faces from Hollywood and fantasy land. Each of these characters come with a special power that aid you in future matches.

Currently, a special Jurassic Park/World event is happening; however new events and holiday themed puzzles are forthcoming.

Find Funko Pop! Blitz on Android and iOS today!

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