Sunday, July 14, 2024

Can you ace the toughest Marvel quiz ever?

To mark the release of the new Marvel’s Avengers, we asked Matt Kamen, our resident comic book guru, to devise one of the toughest tests of Marvel knowledge you can imagine!

We’ve kept things reasonably simple – all you need to do is identify the superhero by their civilian identity. Do you know your Reed Richards from your Richard Riders? Your Otto Octaviuses from your Oliver Osnicks? You’ll need to dive deep into Marvel lore to match all of these names to their faces – and we’re talking OG comics knowledge here, not the movies!

Get ready for what we think is one of the hardest Marvel quizzes ever! 30 questions, 30 people to match to their superhero or villain alter egos. Beware, though: as the questions go on, they get harder!

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3 thoughts on “Can you ace the toughest Marvel quiz ever?

  • 25 out of 30, I’ll take it.

  • Challenge accepted: 30/30. I honestly didn’t know the last 3 out of the last 4 but was able to use process of elimination to get them down to 2 and then guessed right.

  • 27 out of 30, not bad for a quiz that gets progressively harder. And this from a guy that hasn’t read a comic book in years.

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