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The Gayming Podcast Episode 21 – Fortnite drama, Iceman casting and the Game Academy


The Gayming Podcast Episode 21 has dropped!

In this episode of The Gayming Podcast, Robin and Matt talk about the fallout from the Fortnite mobile drama, particularly the bad way that young gamers are stuck in the middle of a corporate fight, and what it might mean for the future of mobile gaming.

They also talk about the recent casting rumour of Shia LaBeouf as Iceman, why this is a bad thing, and discuss who could be a better LGBTQ actor to cast. 

Robin is later joined by this episode’s special guest David Barrie, the co-founder of Game Academy, a new tech service for the personal development of gamers. He talks about how Game Academy is on a mission to show that in-game skills can translate to employment skills, so why not list your game achievements on your CV?!  

The Game Academy is a new software platform devoted to helping gamers unlock and grow the essential skills that they deploy in game and apply them to leading a successful and effective working life. 

Game Academy is informed by new, cutting edge data science and research that reveals that if you play certain games for a certain time and level, there is an increased likelihood of following certain careers.

For example, there are links between playing games like XCom and Total War and a career in management. There’s also research that shows that professions that demand problem-solving and communications are especially popular with players of ​Football Manager​.

The team have spoken to hundreds of gamers to make these links. People who can sort out huge deliveries at work because in their game life they organise and stack stolen cargo. People who can identify fraudsters because gaming has trained them to spot discrepancies. People who can lead huge raids in World of Warcraft – but are never granted responsibility by their boss.

Coming up this September is the Game Academy virtual boot camp, to find out more about it and to register email David Barrie at Game Academy:

For more on what Game Academy are doing and to get updates, join the Game Academy Discord and find their group on Facebook.

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