Saturday, July 13, 2024

Rainbow Arcade + DIGIPRIDE Week 10: BirdofChess


We have teamed up with Rainbow Arcade, an all-encompassing LGBTQIA+ Twitch team with a big focus on diversity, to host special weekly DIGIPRIDE streams!

This week we’re happy to welcome BirdofChess.

Here’s the details of their DIGIPRIDE stream:


Birdofchess, aka Rook, is a variety MMO broadcaster and pansexual woman. Fostering a welcoming and uplifting community, she strives to spread smiles while helping players connect in-game and out. Rook is a Twitch and ArenaNet partner as well as co-host of Gamer Escape’s Aetheryte Radio podcast.

She will be streaming this Sunday (16 August) at 11am CDT (12pm EST, 5pm UK) where she will be playing Guild Wars 2.

Check out BirdofChess’ Twitch channel here.

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