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Mod Lets You Yell ‘MOVE, I’M GAY’ in Skyrim

To say that the Skyrim modding community is massive would be the understatement of the year. We’ve had Thomas the Tank Engine, dragons with dicks, and now, after much sleuthing, I’ve discovered the mod that will change everything: the Move I’m Gay mod.

Move I’m Gay is a phrase that many of you memesters out there will recognize. Originally created by YouTube comedian, Brandon Rogers, in a video called Angry Office, the video follows an angry, gay man as he works his job. While the video itself is popular, the scene where Brandon’s character uses the legendary phrase is still embedded in the memory of many.

Well, now you can experience that phrase in the beautiful world of Skyrim. Instead of the audio of the shout, Unrelenting Force, being played, you instead hear Brandon Rogers yell of ‘MOVE, I’M GAY.’

Why would you want this mod? Maybe you’re playing a character that just wants to let everyone know that ‘hey, I don’t swing that way’ and want to give the offending person a simple yell to let them know. Or maybe you just want to screw your enemies over with your gay power. That sounds like something that ticks off the boxes in the gay agenda.

The mod, created by megaluigi, has just under 1000 unique downloads and was originally uploaded back in 2018.

Here’s the mod in action.

If you’re interested in grabbing the mod yourself, check out the mod’s official page over at Nexus.

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