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Magical pups save the day in Dungeon Dogs

Sign me up for any video game where puppies are the heroes.

On 21 August 2020, PocApp Studios released Dungeon Dogs to Android and iOS. Spurred by the success of Castle Cats, Dungeon Dogs is now available around the world and it’s constantly awaiting commands right in your pocket!

Dungeon Dogs follows three doggies – Lyra, Ken and Poppy – in a kingdom ruled by evil king cats who force dogs to live as second class citizens. When they hear a rightful heir to the kingdom’s throne is living in secrecy, the three hounds lead an uprising against their oppressors.

Game-play features include 85 unique quests, 45 original dogs to unlock and more on the way, additions to the Castle Cat universe, special events, battles and rewards via traditional RPG elements, the ability to learn new skills and craft new costumes, and full community support!

Find Dungeon Dogs on Android and iOS today. And I guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

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