Saturday, April 13, 2024

A Nielsen study reports that 10% of Gamers are LGBTQ+

As we’ve always said, gaming is for everyone. Some groups, however, including the ones who often post our articles on anti-fascist forums (hi there), think differently. They often disregard marginalized identities within the gaming community, which is what makes an apparent Nielsen gaming study that shows there’s at least 10% of gamers who identify as LGBTQ+ that much sweeter.

This evidence comes from a report from Out, who states the following:

“This year’s Nielsen Games 360 Survey shows that 10% of all gamers over the age of 18 identify as LGBTQ+. Of the 2,000 LGBTQ+ people over the age of 13 surveyed, 40% identify as gay or lesbian, 50% identify as bisexual, and 10% identify as transgender or non-binary.”

According to the report, at least 36% of LGBTQ+ gamers often play fighting games like Super Smash Bros, with another 36% liking horror games such as Dead by Daylight. We’ve talked about why LGBTQ+ streamers drift to horror in the first place, but it’s always nice to get it confirmed.

We apparently spend more too, with Nielsen’s report saying that LGBTQ+ gamers “spend 8% more a month on games than their straight counterparts, at an average of $16.01 versus $14.78.” Considering games like Dead by Daylight and Overwatch are heavy on cosmetics, that isn’t too surprising.

As a Nielsen representative explains to Out, “the survey really shows us that there is a thriving sub-community within the extensive world of gaming that has a voice and impact on the industry at-large. LGBTQ+ gamers are active gamers – though this shouldn’t be surprising, as LGBTQ+ consumers are very active consumers of media and tend to be on the cutting edge of most media trends.”

We’re unaware at how many people were asked in this survey, but regardless, we’re here to stay. It’d be nice if gaming companies could take us more seriously, don’t you think?

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