Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Ukie launches live game music event, Game Changers

There’s nothing better than winding down and listening to some video game music. If you agree with that statement, you’ll be happy to know that Ukie have just announced their very first Game Changers event. But what is Game Changers?

Game Changers is an event that is sponsored by Harmonix and NCSOFT’s upcoming music game, FUSER. It will include a mix of live-as-it-happens performances and exclusive video content, featuring content from artists Chipzel, and Circuit Bird, a Zoom-recorded collaboration between composer Luci Holland and the Tinderbox orchestra, a journey through the diverse genres of indie game specialist Ninichi and the synth-heavy retro game sounds and visuals of singer and producer Nyokeë.

With the Game Changers, Ukie wants to highlight the creativity, skill and diverse number of people working in games, and even encourage more people to consider a career in the games industry. And what better way to do that than by showing off some of the hard-working people that works in the industry?

The Game Changers event will take place in London’s Loading Bar, and will be showcasing all of the previously mentioned talent on August 6th, Thursday, from 7:30PM to 11pm BST.

Alongside all of the talent, the event will also be raising money via live donations for games industry charity GamesAid and Mermaids, a charity supporting trans and gender-diverse children, young people and their families.

Source: MyNewsDesk

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