Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Sims is getting its own reality show

The Sims has one of the most creative communities in the world, with many Simmers dedicating their time to making their Sims shine. So much so that, EA have decided that they want their fans to be up-front and centre in a different way entirely. How? With a Sims reality show, of course.

The Sims Spark’d is a show where contestants – who will be online personalities that are familiar to the The Sims community – will compete for a chance to win $100,000 in prizes (via VG24/7). Honestly? It wouldn’t shock me if the prize was just the whole entirety of The Sims series from 1-4, all DLC included. Because whew, that must cost some serious money.

Jokes aside, the aim of the game is to obviously win. To do just that, contestants will have to complete in certain challenges, using their skills to “build the most unique characters, worlds and stories.” The catch is that contestants will be timed, and they’ll only be using The Sims 4. So if you were expecting other Sim games to make a comeback, then no dice, we’re afraid.

This four-episode series will kick off on July 17th at 11pm ET/PT. You’ll have to catch these episodes on TBS, an American channel. If you want to watch the show digitally, Buzzfeed Multiplayer will also be hosting The Sims Spark’d reality show on its channel.

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