Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Gayming Podcast Episode 19 – Digital futures and the Pride Warriors!


The Gayming Podcast Episode 19 has dropped!

In this episode of The Gayming Podcast, Robin and Izzy talk about our digital future in games.

First off it’s looking at the rise of digital only games, are we ready to make the jump to digital only? How might resale work? What about hard drive space?!

Then they spoke about the future of digital events, what are the pros and cons? How will COVID change our event attendance in the future and can a company replicate that immersive IRL experience in the digital world? 

Robin is later joined by this episode’s special guests Jason Moriarty and Gary Adrian Randall to talk about the Pride Warriors!

Pride Warriors is a three episode animated web series created for the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate Gayming Magazine’s DIGIPRIDE 2020. It’s hilarious while also delivering some big political messages. It’s basically gay South park! Listen in to find out more about the main characters and what they were inspired by, plus how you can become a Pride Warrior in Episode 3 airing late August 2020! 

In case you missed it here’s Episode 1:

Help support the Pride Warriors and see yourself turned into a character for Episode 3! Head to pridewarriors.com to find out how.

Listen to the full episode below, as well as on Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

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