Saturday, April 13, 2024

RuneScape celebrates its first ever Pride parade!


In a year where Pride events have been cancelled en masse around the world due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it has been amazing to see games step up and take centre stage in hosting Pride activities. An amazing example is the full Pride parade that took place last week in RuneScape!

Taking place on Thursday 25 June, RuneScape’s LGBTQ community came together with the J-Mods (Jagex staff) to hold the game’s first ever Pride parade.

Players could walk in the parade or cheer from the sidelines as balloon drops and fireworks went off along the route. The parade was well attended as the game world went from 300 to 1000 players just before the event!

A number of RuneScape’s LGBTQ clans came together to celebrate this moment.

For many of our members not being able to go to Pride this year was disappointing. So when we heard about the Runescape Pride parade the excitement for it was insane, we had members who would normally attend Pride parades delighted. It was wonderful to see clan members who had never had the opportunity to be involved with Pride before looking forward to their first ever Pride event, and not only that but in a game they adored. During the event to see an overwhelming amount of people in attendance was magnificent, it left many of my clan members feeling emotional having so many players logging on and sharing their support by marching along with us in the parade and chanting alongside us. From start to finish the event was a joy to be a part of, and our community really hope to see future Pride events after this one was such a success.

Natster, leader of The LGBT Corner clan

Jagex’s staff (both LGBTQ and allies) supported the event by taking part in the parade both to show their love but also be on hand as mods, should there be any pushback. However, it all went smoothly with barely any negativity or trolling.

Check out this cute highlights video:

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