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The Gayming Podcast Episode 17 – Queer streamers, the future of gaming and Sold Out Games

The Gayming Podcast Episode 17 has dropped!

In this episode of The Gayming Podcast, Robin and Ed talk about the rise of streaming, particularly queer streamers and how they are creating new forms of entertainment and communities. They also talk about the future of gaming, especially now the PlayStation 5 has been revealed. Which console do they prefer? Which has the better subscription and streaming service? And, what’s new for PC gaming, how is it competing with the next generation consoles? 

Then, Robin is joined by this episode’s special guest Sean Labode from Sold Out Games to talk about his career and their slate of upcoming games including Radical Rabbit Stew, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder, No Straight Roads and KeyWe. Sean gives Robin a quick preview each game and they talk about what makes each unique. 

Radical Rabbit Stew

With bite-size ‘pick-up & play’ action, award-winning puzzles, juicy pixel graphics and a delicious soundtrack, Radical Rabbit Stew is a hare-raising action-arcade game perfect for new players and 16-bit retro fans alike.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

Inspired by classic action games from the 16-bit era, players are thrust into a high-octane adventure filled with twists and turns on a journey of discovery. Players take on the role of Aletheia, a wandering soldier who, as the result of an altruistic accident, has been supercharged with a ferocious energy; an energy source which has also awakened long dormant machines in Canaan.

No Straight Roads

Embark on a music-based action-adventure as indie rock band members Mayday & Zuke and lead a musical revolution against EDM empire No Straight Roads.


KeyWe is a cute, co-operative postal puzzler starring Jeff and Debra, two small kiwi birds working in a whimsical post office. With no hands to help them, they must jump, flap, peck and butt-slam their way across an interactive landscape of levers, bells and buttons to get those messages delivered on time.

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