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EA unveils Positive Play Charter to tackle homophobia, racism and toxic behavior

Everyone is different, it’s a truth that some people refuse to process in a mature way and that often spills into the things they do. This includes gaming. However, there are people out there trying to combat the toxic behaviour some bring to online gaming through different initiatives, such as Microsoft’s anti-bullying filters on Xbox Live. Now it’s EA’s turn, today unveiling the Positive Play Charter.

The Positive Play Charter, as VG24/7 aptly puts, is a set of guidelines that takes the concerns and opinions from a number of different individuals and puts them into a charter. This charter helps players to understand what is acceptable and unacceptable when presenting yourself online. And to be honest, these are some pretty damn good guidelines.

The four main points are simple and straight to the point, and while they seem like common sense, we gaymers know just how many times these rules have been broken.

Here are the four main points, directly from EA’s Positive Play Charter.

  • Treat others as they would like to be treated – Don’t engage or promote harmful behavior including attacks on race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, country of origin, etc. or unwelcome sexual advances and messages.
  • Keep Things Fair – No cheating or giving yourself an unfair advantage
  • Share Clean Content – Create and share stuff that’s appropriate
  • Follow Local Laws – Keep it legal in our games and services, just as you would wherever you are IRL

EA have stated that they are “committed to building healthy communities,” which means keeping toxic behaviour, such as racism and homophobia, well out of their video games. Breaking these rules will lead to bans, and even severe restrictions of their games if you keep behaving badly.

If this is a step forward to companies actively showing terrible people the door, then sign us up!

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