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Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel comic reveals six variant covers

Comic book adaptations of video games have historically been a hit and miss affair. Often, they seem to be last minute marketing ploys, barely connected to the source material beyond some recognisable characters. However, publisher Titan Comics could buck the trend with its upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn series.

Firstly, the series is written by Anne Toole, one of the writers on the fan-favourite video game, which should ensure a high level of authenticity to the characters and events players have experienced. Secondly, it’s a direct sequel to the events of developer Guerrilla Games’ post-apocalyptic open-world masterpiece. Given a gaming sequel to the critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn is realistically a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, the comic series could prove to be a crucial narrative bridge to the next game.

Titan is relatively tight-lipped on story details so far though – its solicitation details reveal only that “Aloy and Talanah return in a new story set after the events of the game! Nature has reclaimed the planet. Awe-inspiring machines dominate the land, as humanity fights for survival on this new Earth.”

While that doesn’t give us much to go on, beyond the certainty of Aloy and Talanah battling the odd cybernetic sauropod (and possibly their feelings?), Titan has revealed six gorgeous variant covers for the first issue of the series, from some of the most talented artists in the field. You can take a look as the sextet in our slideshow gallery below.

  • Game art cover for Horizon: Zero Dawn #1, from Titan Comics

Cover A is by Stanley ‘Artgerm‘ Lau, a renowned artist whose work regularly graces the covers of titles from Marvel, DC, Dynamite, and more. Cover B is, fittingly, a widescreen spread taken from the Horizon: Zero Dawn game itself. Cover C is from ‘Loish‘ – AKA Dutch artist Lois van Baarle, who also contributed concept art to the original game. Cover D is by Ann Maulina, who will also be the regular artist on the comic. Cover E is the work of Peach Momoko, while Cover F is a ‘Blue Line’ sketch variant – a striking ‘work in progress’ shot of Aloy taking on a robotic adversary.

The first issue of the series will be on sale 5th August, available in print from comic book stores, or digitally via Comixology.

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