Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Play Pride Run for FREE this weekend!

Pride Run, the unique Pride-inspired rhythm game, is here to banish those isolation blues by bringing some rainbows into your lives this weekend as it becomes free to play from 6pm today (BST) through til Sunday.

Don’t worry though, once the weekend is over, you can can still keep the party going as Pride Run will be available to purchase with a 75% discount!

Taking the rhythm that powers Pride parades the world over, Pride Run charges people with keeping their own parade on track, tapping to the beat to keep the party going. Lose the beat, however, and you’ll find the crowds start to trail off and the parade loses its draw. 

In her review of Pride Run, Aimee said “Pride Run is a game that has a lot of grit and spine in its message: a world where Love wins, regardless of the country you’re from or who you are. It’s a game where there is no use denying that there’s a political message, because it’s right there and you’ll just have to get used to it.”

Now, go download Pride Run from Steam and enjoy your weekend of waving your rainbow flag with pride safely from home!

Robin Gray

[He/Him] Robin is the Founder of Gayming Magazine. He's on a mission to fly the LGBTQ flag proudly over the video games world and drive forward authentic representation in the industry, in the press and in the games we love.