Thursday, April 18, 2024
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The Overwatch communication wheel is finally letting you say sorry

Finally an update we can get behind! Overwatch has only recently just added new character, Echo, to its roster, but in our minds, the newest update is the most important of all. And it’s all because Overwatch is finally adding a sorry option to the communication wheel.

We’ve all been in a situation where you’ve messed up so badly that it’s cost your teammates their lives or even worse, the point. Maybe it’s healing the wrong person, or not even realizing someone needed healing in the first place. Or, if you play Mei, actively trapping someone from your team into a firefight with the enemy team. The only thing you can do is feel awful, and if you’re ballsy enough, go on mic to apologize for the mistake.

However, according to an update (via Polygon) from game director of Jeff Kaplan, it’s going to be harder to not get your point across to your team, thanks to the additional lines that have been included in this newest update. Quotes like ‘goodbye’, ‘fall back’, and most importantly, the good ol’ fashioned ‘sorry.’

All 32 Overwatch heroes will have these new voice lines, so no matter who you’re playing, you’ll be able to express your sympathies if you mess up.

For a full look at the Overwatch patch notes, check out the official post on the Overwatch forums.

Aimee Hart

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