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Chucklefish’s Witchbrook game gets a brand new look and website

Ever since Stardew Valley came into the gaming world, game studio Chucklefish has caught our attention for life. They’ve released incredible games like Wargroove and Starbound, and have teased great new things about their Witchbrook game. It’s been a while since we had an update on this new IP, though that’s all about to change.

For those who have been keeping their eye on the game, you’ll have figured out pretty quickly that Witchbrook looks to be a mix of Stardew Valley and Harry Potter, with the main protagonist being a witch. Before anyone gets worried, that doesn’t mean you can’t play as a male character. Witches can be for everyone, you know!

Regardless, thanks to GameInformer, we’re now aware that Witchbrook has had some significant changes made to it. These changes seem to be around the look of the game, and not what it’s about. As GI rightfully pointed out, previous screenshots of the game show a clear difference in art style.

Now have a gander at these screenshots of the new art style.

  • witchbrook game
  • Witchbrook game

We personally much prefer this new look, especially the updated version of the characters. Instead of feeling like a set piece in the background, the characters stand out a lot more and feel more like individuals. Just look at their cutesy little faces!

But there isn’t just new screenshots, the game has finally got its own website. It doesn’t reveal a lot of information, but it does allow players to subscribe and get all the cool things about it sent straight to their inbox.

Are you looking forward to Witchbrook? Let us know in the comments below.

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