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Animal Crossing New Horizons datamine reveals deep-sea diving, an art gallery and so much more

UPDATE: Since writing this article, a lot of new things have been revealed for Animal Crossing, including some of the mentions mentioned in this article about the Animal Crossing datamine. Please check the original article out below, if it pleases you.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Lately, Animal Crossing just hasn’t been hitting the same way as it used to. There’s only so much to do, after all, and it’s not like we can expect any big events anytime soon. However, fear not, because thanks to an Animal Crossing New Horizons datamine, there does look to be some cool things in the works.

Thanks to VideoGamer, we know that dataminer Ninji was the one to uncover the new features that could be possibly be making their way to Animal Crossing New Horizons. Of course take everything said here with a pinch of salt because even though these features may be in the code, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be making an appearance.

As Ninji describes in their Twitter thread, the return of Redd, an untrustworthy fox, will have him owning a ship that will dock on a ‘secret’ beach on your island. Redd has been known to sell fakes, making him rather unreliable. His appearance may be linked with the rumour that the museum, owned by curator Blathers, will be getting an art section later on in an update. Whether this is true, however, remains to be seen.

Ninji also discovered in the Animal Crossing datamine that deep-sea diving, which will let you grab seaweed and unique fish, may make an appearance too. It beats just fishing, and we’re sure CJ will be excited to have some other fish brought to him than our favourite, sea bass, no it’s at least a C+!

Again, this is all just rumours and we have no real idea when, or even if, these things will be included in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We hope so, because who doesn’t want to grow some new vegetables, buy illicit paintings and take a deep dive? Let’s cross our fingers for a surprise when Earth Day comes around!

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