Tuesday, May 28, 2024

There may be two Nintendo Directs in March

Nintendo Directs are the best things in the world because of how they bring people together. There is always excitement around them, and we’ve taken to eating popcorn while watching them, just to make them even more fun y’know?

Though it looks like we’ll need to prep two bags, as according to a report from Venture Beat, Nintendo is planning to host two Nintendo Directs this March instead of just one.

The site states that the first Direct is set to release on March 18th, which is around the same time as when GDC was supposed to be open. However, due to ongoing fears of the coronavirus around the world, the event has since been cancelled. This first Direct is rumoured to be the Nindies Showcase, but we’ll know closer to the date.

The second Nintendo Direct will be a more general Direct, and is said to take place a week after. Lately, most Nintendo Directs have been focused on certain game series, such as Pokemon and Smash. The Direct on March 26th — though this date may change — may just change that.

According to speculation from Venture Beat, the general Direct may focus more on Nintendo’s plans for the Switch this year. This could mean announcements of first-party games yes, but also the reveal of more ports and remasters.

Nintendo Directs are usually announced a few days before it’s aired, so expect to hear more later on this month.

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