Saturday, April 13, 2024

SonicFox endorsed Bernie Sanders while wearing a Trans flag during the Mortal Kombat World Championship

The Mortal Kombat World Championship will be a night to remember for a lot of gamers around the world, and not just because SonicFox, a known FGC player, and advocate of social justice, won.

They had won the match against fellow FGC player, NinjaKilla_212, but it had been far from easy, with NinjaKilla almost knocking Fox out earlier on in the tournament. It was a tough match, but ultimately, SonicFox came out on top.

After being crowned the Final Kombat Champion, SonicFox took the stage in style, wearing a Trans flag and wielding a gigantic hammer that would have made any Thor cosplayer feel jealous. The trans flag, in particular, felt very good to see as eSports have not always been kind to anything that they deem to be ‘political’, even if it’s someone’s identity. It just goes to show how big SonicFox is within eSports, and how inspiring they are.

But that wasn’t the only big thing that SonicFox did. As the majority of people know, America is going through its presidential primary elections right now. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are neck and neck at the moment, with Biden currently taking the lead.

And so, as any voter would, SonicFox made it clear who they were voting for. Taking the mic, they leaned in and said the two magical words: “vote Bernie.”

Nice. Very nice.

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