Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Updated: New Overwatch hero, Echo, unveiled

Update: We now have details on how Echo will play, courtesy of a new video from Blizzard.

As well as being able to fly and glide while falling, Echo’s primary attack is the Tri-shot – a blast of three shots in a triangular pattern – plus she has a Sticky Bomb that launches multiple explosive projectiles and a Focus Beam for high damage.

Most interesting of all is her ultimate, Duplicate, that allows her to morph into any character on the enemy team and use their powers, including a boosted version of their ultimate. Duplicates will be visually distinct from other players.

Echo will be going through player-testing, so let’s hope that ultimate doesn’t become too overpowered.

For more info check out the character profile.

While some of us were watching Sony’s (misguided) PS5 developer talk, Blizzard dropped a video on Twitter for the latest hero to join Overwatch.

Described as “the cutting edge of technology”, Echo is an evolutionary robot programmed with “rapidly adapting artificial intelligence”. Huh.

The video is an origin story, explaining that Echo was built by Dr. Mina Liao, creator of the omnics – artificially intelligent robots who rebelled against their human creators. Liao, then, is wracked with guilt as she struggles to come to terms with the moral and ethical questions of her work.

“She created me: her legacy, her promise, her Echo,” says the robot at the end of the clip. That explains the name then.

We still don’t have any details on how Echo will play, but she’s already been confirmed for Overwatch 2 and will be available soon in Overwatch.

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