Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Final Fantasy 7 remake demo now available on the PS4

The Final Fantasy 7 remake demo is finally available to play on the PS4. The demo and when it’ll get its first appearance has been a widely-discussed topic on social media, so for Square Enix to drop the demo on this fine Monday morning? How very sneaky.

We’ve been excited for the Final Fantasy 7 remake ever since we got to play it at EGX last year. Ed Nightingale talked up a storm about it, stating that the remake “adds an extra dimension to these characters we already know and love.” But don’t worry newcomers, he also mentioned that we’d love it too.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake demo actually comes a day before the original release date. Perhaps a way to appease the fans out there who were disappointed about the release date being pushed back? Either way, we’re just happy that we’ve actually got something fun to do on a Monday morning.

The demo itself is 7.59GB on the PlayStation Store. That’s pretty damn big for a simple demo, but we suspect that’s due to it including the introduction of the game and how meaty that particular section is.

The official game releases on the 10th of April this year for the PS4.

Aimee Hart

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