Friday, March 1, 2024
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A villain in God of War flips you the Bird when you’re not looking

God of War may have been released 2 years ago, but people are still finding out new and interesting things about the game. Much like Hideo Kojima’s canceled game, P.T/Silent Hills, fans of God of War, particularly one named Lance McDonald, are dedicating themselves to explore the game both inside and out. Because of that fervor, new and interesting discoveries are being made.

One of these new discoveries (via IGN) was that God of War’s local bad guy, Baldur, isn’t all too nice to Kratos when he isn’t looking. This discovery is thanks to McDonald — who is well-known for his videos on P.T — using a camera hack. With the hack, he is able to move around the camera and focus on things that are usually off-screen.

Because of this hack, McDonald focuses on Baldur during the opening fight between him and our resident daddy, Kratos. When Kratos managed to choke Baldur out, he pushes him off and sends him plummeting down the side of a cliff. It is during this moment that McDonald captured the image of Baldur flipping Kratos the bird.

As the kids would say: poetic cinema.

McDonald hasn’t posted anything else about any other recent discoveries in God of War, but we’re certain that nothing is going to top this one. It may be a little rude, but it certainly fits Baldur’s personality!

If you want to check out McDonald’s other work, his YouTube account holds a phenomenal amount of cut and/or unseen content from video games that we recommend you look at if you’re a fan of how games are made.

Aimee Hart

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