Friday, March 1, 2024
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Murder by Numbers release date is March 5th

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Mediatonic’s new game, but the Murder by Numbers release date is no longer one of them. We’ll finally be able to play the murder mystery on March 5th this year for the Switch, with it releasing a day later on Steam.

Murder by Numbers puts you in the shoes of TV star Honor Mizrahi. She plays as a TV detective, and the show has been pulling in all of the ratings. But it stops being all fun and games when, behind the scenes, a series of grizzly murders start to occur.

What’s worse is that it leaves Honor as the real-life prime suspect. What’s a girl to do when accused of something like that? Thankfully, Honor has people on her side willing to help, as well as a new robot companion called SCOUT. All she’ll need to do to clear her name is to find the real murderer. No pressure at all!

Murder by Numbers release date

You’ll gather clues, interrogate suspects and solve puzzles, all while looking as glitzy as everyone else did back in the 90’s.

What’s more, it’s also pretty damn gay from what Ed Fear, lead director of Murder by Numbers, told us. K.C is Honor’s best friend, and will no doubt be helping to clear her name. Personally we can’t wait to hear more about him, nor other characters like Becky and Detective Cross.

To get you excited, check out the animated trailer that Mediatonic and the Irregular Corporation released yesterday.

Aimee Hart

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