Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Learn gardening, nutrition and community values in My Pizza Family

Excuse me, did someone say pizza? Or, more specifically, My Pizza Family?

Having previously been released on PC, developer Toon York City has officially launched My Pizza Family on Android and iOS for $2.99. A kid-friendly, educational game, My Pizza Family tasks players with saving their family’s pizza shop while simultaneously helping the neighborhood become a better, more environmentally-sound place. Learn lessons about work ethic, community standards and the art of making delicious pizza in this new mobile app game!

Game-play features include musical cut scenes reminiscent to LA LA Land, interactive story mode, open-world compatibility, educational facts about gardening, nutrition and creating pizza, the ability to learn Spanish as you move through the city, and multi-player options to enjoy the enriching experience with your family and friends. Wow, Toon York City really took my favorite food and turned it into a field trip on your cell phone!

“Our goal with My Pizza Family is to deliver a genuine story that can teach kids a lot about what it means to give back to the places they live and love. We want to help them understand that hard work and discipline can help them form bonds with their neighbors and the effect those connections can have on the places they live,” Executive Producer Thomas Byrd tells Gamasutra.

The game also boasts voice talent and musical scores from some of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars. This is certainly a game you should sink your teeth into today!

Find My Pizza Family on Android, iOS, and PC.

Michael Therkelsen

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