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Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus gets new screenshots and video

There’s a lot to love about Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus, and we’re not just talking about the fact that he doesn’t know how to wear a shirt. Though we’re not going to lie to you, that is a part of it. Another thing we love about him is his impeccable sense of style, his dreamy voice and okay fine, it’s because he doesn’t have a shirt on.

Thanks to Twinfinite, we now know that the official Fire Emblem Twitter has shared more information on the ruggedly handsome, Balthus alongside a video and new screenshots.

We know he is a rough and tumble kinda guy that takes no funny business from anyone, and that he comes from the Leicester Alliance – the same place where the majority of the Golden Deer House is from. He is pretty over the top and carefree, which apparently was what led him to be chased out of his country.

He now lives under Garreg Mach, in a little town called the Abyss where the rest of his house, Yuri, Constance and Happi are settled. In this new expansion, you’ll meet up with all four of them and help solve a mystery that has plagued the Abyssinians for a long time.

Cindered Shadows, the new expansion, will be released on February 12th. It’ll put you, the new members, the three house leaders, as well as Lindhardt, Ashe, and Hilda all in one house together for at least 10 chapters. We wonder what you’ll learn with this secret, fourth house…

Will you be playing Cindered Shadows? We will be! Keep an eye out on our review where we’ll be talking about the new house members, as well as whether it was a good enough expansion for Three Houses or not.

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