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Disintegration closed and open beta starts late January

Disintegration is a new game from V1 Interactive and Private Division, and yes, those do look an awful lot like robots with guns. But never fear, this isn’t another Anthem in the making where multiplayer reigns supreme over story, though it does play a huge part of it.

You’ll get a chance to see this for yourself when the closed and open beta begins later on this month. The closed beta will start on Tuesday 28th January from 8 AM to 11:59 PM PT, and Wednesday 29th from the same time. These times are subject to change however, so keep an eye on the official Disintegration website just in case.

As for the open beta, that will start only a few days later on January 31st and run until the 1st of February.


But what’s Disintegration about?

The whole premise of Disintegration is about an Earth that’s on the brink of collapse, forcing humankind to near-extinction thanks to climate extremes, overpopulation, food shortages, and a global pandemic.

However, not all is lost. Scientists have found a way to remove the human brain from their shell and place them in robotic bodies as a temporary solution. Yet, now decades have passed and these robots – also known as the Rayonne – have decided to capture all humans left in the world and force them to be Integrated like they were.

In single-player, you play as an Integrated character named Romer, a character who has rebelled against the Rayonne and wants to help the humans from suffering from such a fate.

Will you get your humanity back along the way? We can’t wait to find out.

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