Friday, March 1, 2024
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Two new Pokemon games debut exclusively on Facebook

2019 was a landmark year for The Pokemon Company, and not just because we got new Pokemon games. Lifelong fans finally delivered a live-action movie with Detective Pikachu, but the latest entry in the video game series, Pokemon Sword and Shield, released to some of the highest sales in its history. Throw in a few mobile app games and additions to Pokemon Go and, well, there’s just been so many lovable pocket monsters attacking us from all angles.

However, with 2019 coming to a close, we’ve been gifted with one last minute romp in the wilderness with Eevee, Bulbasaur and the crazy creatures we know and love.

Enter Pokemon Tower Battle and Pokemon Medallion Battle, released exclusively as Facebook games. The games are slowly rolling out in every country around the world, so if you’re not able to find them by searching the Facebook browser, just wait a few more days and try again!

Pokemon Tower Battle is exactly how it sounds – the goal of the game is to stack Pokemon to make the highest tower and compete against other players in real-time on Facebook. The stronger your monsters and the higher their levels, the better your tower will withstand the pressure. It’s a simple concept that sounds better suited for a mobile-app, but it’s certainly a time waster that you can enjoy on your PC.

Then there’s Pokemon Medallion Battle, which closely mirrors the original concept and game-play as the original games – only you’re embarking on the adventure with Pokemon in medallion and trading card form.

Pokemon Tower Battle was developed by Bombay Play, with Pokemon Medallion Battle coming from GCTurbo.

Will you be playing?

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