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6 other ways to get your Star Wars LGBT fix

I won’t lie to you readers, despite not being surprised at the utter shambles that was the LGBT representation in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I’m still a little bit peeved. But I’m totally over it, never going to be annoyed about this again, and will dedicate my time to doing something productive like writing about how to get your Star Wars LGBT fix.

Because if you’re looking to the movies for that kind of thing, then we only have one thing to say: watch Rogue One or don’t bother. There are other places in the Star Wars universe where queer characters can actively exist, and we’re here to point you in their general direction.

Are any of them movies? No, we don’t do that here. But if you’re interested in video games, comics and novels from the Star Wars franchise then you may just be in for the biggest treat of your life.

Knights of the Old Republic

Don’t let these outdated graphics fool you, Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best Star Wars games even today. In it, you play as Revan, who has a number of companions such as Bastila Shan, Carth Onasi and Juhani.

You can play as either a female or male Revan, however, the only gay romance available in the game is with Juhani, who was the very first female written character in the Star Wars universe to be a lesbian.

Ahsoka Novel

The Ahsoka novel was a complete win for fans of the best non-Jedi out there, and not just because we finally had something that focused on an interesting woman whose life didn’t focus around one of the Skywalkers.

It also introduced Kaedan Larte, a farmer who decided to join the Rebellion and ended up working closely with Ahsoka. She ended up falling in love with her, and the two are very close. If you’re a fan of Ahsoka and queer ladies, then don’t waste time. Get this novel, stat.

The Old Republic MMO

The Old Republic is one of my favourite Star Wars games. Not only do you get to play your own character, already making it 1000x better than Jedi: Fallen Order, but you can find the man or woman of your pixel dreams during your game too.

There are a number of romance options depending on your alignment, and the stories that come with it are all deeply meaningful and blow the movies out of the water as far as we’re concerned.

The Aftermath Trilogy

The Aftermath Trilogy by Chuck Wendig has a fair few gay, lesbian, and even genderqueer characters and makes it one of the most LGBT-friendly Star Wars series to date. It’s also just a fascinating read, and includes some of the best narrative for the Star Wars universe that we’ve ever seen.

With all those queer characters, as well as an actual decent plot? Well, now I know what I’m reading for Christmas this year. Thanks Chuck!

The Star Wars Comics

There are a ton of Star Wars comics out there, but only a select few have the LGBT goodness we all crave. Star Wars issue 19 includes Dr Aphra and Sana Starros, a lesbian couple, with Dr Aphra being a major character within the series.

There is also the inclusion of Aleksin and Pavol, gay mercenaries from the Lando comic. Without spoiling anything about the comic, they were planning to use Lando’s money in order to create a cloned child to raise. It is adorable.

Sapphic Skywalker Podcast

I’ve cheated a little on this one, as I’ve only recently gotten into Sapphic Skywalkers, a podcast dedicated to looking at Star Wars through a sapphic, female-heavy lense. It’s already quickly becoming a favourite of mine, and if you’re tired of not having most Star Wars discussions being male-orientated, then oh boy, is this the podcast for you.

You can check the Sapphic Skywalkers podcast out on their Twitter account. I promise you won’t regret it.

With 2020 coming up, let’s hope that Star Wars will flourish in the years to come and include more and more queer content for us to enjoy. Let’s just not put all our hopes in the movies though, yeah?

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