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Jedi Fallen Order’s intro cinematics can be changed into anything on PC

We love video games and the people who work tirelessly to make them. They put more effort in than we can possibly explain, and in return we get to play something that gives us great joy. What’s giving us great joy today, however, is how Jedi Fallen Order’s intro cinematics can easily be changed on PC.

What does that mean? Well, as Twitter user Pixelbuster found out, the intro cinematics for Jedi Fallen Order for PC are all MP4 files that are saved in the game’s directory. They are all pretty accessible, and with enough time and effort, can be replaced with any other MP4 file.

Which means yes, this is the perfect time to edit Skyrim’s legendary opening into the intro cinematics as many times as you want. You’re welcome Respawn.

Jedi Fallen Order's intro

However, according to Pixelbuster, it isn’t just the intro cinematics that uses MP4 files. The skill tree, which allows players to pick and choose what abilities Cal can use, are also able to be edited in such a way.

Of course, changing Jedi Fallen Order’s intro cinematics don’t really anything to the game, but who doesn’t want to add as many spicy Star Wars memes? Not us!

This isn’t the first time a video game has included a way for MP4 files to be swapped over with something else. For example, in Borderlands 3 you’re able to swap out the mini-videos that play above your head in-game with anything else, as long as it’s got the same format.

Again, finding this out isn’t necessarily game-changing, but it offers a new way for players to have fun with Respawn’s newest game, and that can hardly be a bad thing.

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