Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Games to watch out for: A Fold Apart

A Fold Apart is a game that centers around a long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are one of the hardest things to be in. Speaking from my own personal experience, it often falls apart due to lack of communication or the desperate need for intimacy that is hard to provide over text messages.

That’s what makes A Fold Apart a game that feels special. Because while it does show some of the very real problems that come with long-distance relationships, it also goes to show the positive too and how, despite the distance, people can still connect to one another.

The game is set in a 3D world where you explore the emotional roller-coaster of being long-distance in a world made of paper. Because everything is made of paper, you’re able to fold and unfold the background environment in order to make your way to your love. The preview trailer below sums it up perfectly.

As for the story, developer Lightning Rod Games describes it perfectly on their official website.

‘After career choices force them down separate paths, Alex and Sam vow to make their relationship work despite the challenges of living apart. Though they frequently communicate through text messages, misunderstandings are inevitable and cause the characters to erect emotional barriers that physically bar their path. By folding the pieces of paper these characters inhabit, players are able to help the couple safely navigate around their relationship hurdles and find a way forward.’

The gender neutral language is also there for a reason. While it may seem like just a heterosexual relationship between Sam and Alex, you are able to play as two women and two men too. It’s a beautiful step forward, and it’s always heartwarming to be included in a game that talks about an issue that the LGBT community knows far too well.

A Fold Apart will be coming soon to Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check it out when it does!