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Blood Pact’s new update adds voice-over narration

Blood Pact, the queer, erotica Twine series written by Ana Valens, has stolen our heart (and underwear) the moment we sat down and read it. It’s got hot ladies, an excellent cast and now, with Blood Pact’s new update, a voice-over narration that’s to die for.

Blood Pact originally released back in June to positive reception, with critic Aiden Strawhun stating that Valens “not only continuously produces immensely positive conversations about trans bodies and sexuality, but knocks it out of the park with her accurate portrayal of BDSM.

It’s a game that you can now buy on, and has over 8000 words of kinky smut, but with this new update you’ll be hands-free as the narrator Nikatine, whom you can find on Twitter, has dedicated themselves to the loving task of reading this erotica for you.

The update hasn’t officially been released just yet, but with the preview we saw, we were very happy with Nikatine’s performance and the new layer it adds to Valen’s Blood Pact.

For more news about Blood Pact’s new update, such as when to expect the new narration for yourself, follow their Twitter account.

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