Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Baby Yoda mod coming to Battlefront 2, it is

Ever since The Mandalorian graced our screens a few weeks back, Baby Yoda has become a worldwide sensation. Amazing considering that Disney+, the platform where the Mandalorian is being hosted, is only accessible to US users. So, it’s no true surprise that a Baby Yoda mod would be making an appearance sometime soon.

However, thanks to LadBible, we now know that appearance is coming sooner rather than later and it’s all down to Reddit user and modder, Nanobuds1220.

Posting on the official Star Wars Battlefront subreddit, Nanobuds titled his post ‘Baby’ and hid the following image behind a spoiler. We have to warn you, it is almost as adorable as Baby Yoda is in the Mandalorian.

Source: Reddit

Just look at it. How could you even bare to kill it in Battlefront 2? It would and should be illegal.

Thankfully there’s still some time before you can even process the thought of killing Baby Yoda, as the mod is a work in progress. There’s been no official word on how Baby Yoda will play, but if we had to guess, we’d say he’ll most likely have the same moves and animation as regular Yoda and this mod is more of a skin.

But that’s fine, because now it’s given us a reason to boot up Battlefront 2 again. The things we do for things that are green and adorable, huh?

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