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Yes Your Grace EGX 2019: the best Dad Simulator ever

I have never been a dad in my life. That said, I think if I had to describe myself, I’d be the ‘Dad’ friend. Yes Your Grace at EGX 2019 further solidified that, and I couldn’t be more proud. In this game, you play as the King, someone who has to look after the kingdom (boring) as well as your family (exciting).

It’s up to you how well you do these things. During my time playing the game at EGX, I discovered that it was very easy to simply ignore everything that people were telling me to do. For example, my lovely wife told me to go speak to our eldest daughter because she seemed troubled. After doing so, I was given dialogue options. One that simply said ‘well okay, bye’.

The dialogue seems pretty standard, but it made me stop and pause. I’d never been one to be mean in video games, but was leaving my daughter alone instead of pestering her 24/7 to tell me what was troubling her, really the best thing to do? I ended up telling her that she could talk to me if she wanted, and when she didn’t respond favourably, I said ‘cheerio’ and went on my way.

It was a decision that I’d yet to see the impact of, but one that bugged me as I continued on my adventure of being King. After all, what good was being the ruler of this place if I couldn’t make my family happy? So, I decided that I’d do everything that would keep my family pleased, even if it meant dooming the kingdom. Yes, I’d be a terrible ruler and would probably be laughed at throughout history, but I’d be damned if I went down in history books as a terrible dad and husband. And so I clicked off the end of the corridor-like background at the end of the screen, and away I went.

This took me to a map of my palace, where I could click on and move around to visit places. One of my first times using this was when I had to go to the main entrance and decide what to do with a deserter, someone who screamed and screamed that we were all going to die anyway. Even without voice acting, it was a scene that made me feel cold.

I could either kill him or spare him. Thinking of my family, and what they would want from a man who was their husband or father, it seemed only right to spare the gentlemen and hope that my kindness would give him the strength he needed.

After that, we went back in time to the early days of my ruling. I was brought back to the time where my family seemed splintered, my eldest daughter growing up, the middle daughter still wanting to cling onto the good times with her distant sister, and my youngest, who I will protect with my life. Already I could tell, from only a small scene with my family in the gardens, that the relationship between the King and his family was going to be a rewarding one.

But even outside of my family, developer Brave at Night has made a world and people that I already feel deeply invested in.

One guy wanted some money for the tavern. After all, a good tavern means good business which means more taxes for me to collect and he seemed a nice enough sort. So giving him the money that he needed seems like a good idea. Whether he’ll spend it all on absolute tat, I’ve yet to find out, but hoping for the best hasn’t failed me…Yet.

Only, I found out that maybe I should have saved my money after all. The dungeon just collapsed, my jailor is mad and my prisoner keeps trying to spout religious doctrine at me to try and help him escape from the grisly fate of his past cellmate.

It’s a difficult road to walk in Yes Your Grace, but I’m thoroughly convinced I’m going to enjoy every minute walking it.

You can add Yes, Your Grace to your wishlist on Steam right now! If you want to hear more about our EGX 2019 coverage, be sure to check it out here at Gayming Magazine.

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