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Star Wars Rise of Skywalker trailer proves Kylo Ren is a reply guy

The obsession with Kylo Ren being redeemed has always left me scratching my head in confusion. Is it because he’s hot or because his a well-written character who has been let down by a religious organization that put him and his family in the limelight that he just wasn’t ready for? Well, I do think it’s mostly the former, but I’m sure the latter has something to do with it too.

Why is it then, that I find myself unable to feel an outa of empathy for this villain that is so well-loved by the Star Wars community? Why is it that when I see anything referring to him as a ‘soft, emo boi’ that I feel a rage that makes me want to arm wrestle JJ Abrahams until he kicks Kylo into outer space, free of charge?

After this Rise of Skywalker trailer, it now seems so obvious.

It’s because Kylo Ren is a reply guy.

What’s a reply guy? After a very handy look at the Dictionary, we can tell you that “A reply guy is a term for a man who frequently comments on tweets or other social media posts in an annoying, condescending, forward, or otherwise unsolicited manner–especially posts by women. It can also refer to a person who frequently and zealously responds to posts from famous people on Twitter.”

‘But Aimee,’ I hear you ask, ‘how the hell did the Rise of the Skywalker trailer prove that?’

That’s a fair point and I retract my statement. This new Rise of the Skywalker trailer only further proves that Kylo Ren is a reply guy.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, Kylo Ren is a character who has walked alongside the main protagonist, Rey, for the majority of the two movies. Like a commenter who just won’t stop sending you dick pics, Kylo has told Rey again and again that they have a ‘connection’ and that nobody knows her like he does.

Even in this new trailer, we hear Rey say ‘people keep telling me they know me, but nobody does’ and then Kylo replies with a ‘but I do’. It feels like a very creepy, over-the-top guy who slides into your DMs and tells you that he’s never felt like this about anyone before despite only watching your Twitch stream a few times a year.

Maybe that’s what makes the desire for Kylo to be redeemed so weird to me. I mean, outside of the whole torture and space terrorism thing he’s got going on, it’s the way Kylo is often portrayed as being the only one ‘who understands Rey’ or ‘the other side of [Rey’s] coin’ that feels weird and almost as if we’re back in 2008 and thought Edward Cullen was stable.

Of course, I might just be missing something. But I’ll leave with this: If Kylo Ren was a guy on Twitter, he’d get the ban hammer from me almost immediately for creep factor alone.

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