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Gears 5 includes nineteen different pride banners for your avatar

Show your Gears 5 pride, thanks to these nineteen Pride banners in its multiplayer avatar customizations. The banners showed up behind players’ avatars if they win MVP of a match, a great way of flagging your Pride to your opponent!

As first spotted by Twitter user @ashiinu, the range of flags available include the classic rainbow, the trans flag, and the bisexual pride flag, as well as numerous other flags representing the breadth of LGBTQPIA+ identities.

These banners, as well as other banners that aren’t related to Pride, can be obtained with Scrap. Scrap is earned from playing matches, not with real money, which is good too.

This is another great step forward for LGBTQ+ representation in AAA games and it is awesome to see.

Gears 5 has launched today on Xbox‘s Play Anywhere platform for Xbox and PC, and Xbox Game Pass. It is officially available in stores from 10 September. 

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