Sunday, May 19, 2024
Gayming Live

Gayming Live: Video game writer workshops by Fusebox Games

As part of Gayming Live, writers from Fusebox Games will be running two 45 minute workshops at 2.30pm & 3.30pm on Thursday 3 October upstairs at the Duke of Wellington, Soho.

The first workshop is career-focused, focusing on how to get into games writing, what people look for in junior writers, different ways to get experience, ways to develop a portfolio, and also offering practical portfolio and CV advice.

The second workshop will be craft-oriented, discussing general questions about game narrative, interactive fiction, choices and consequences, LGBT representation, and anything else attendees want to discuss.

These will be informal sessions with several Fusebox writers in attendance, so feel free to bring any work you’d like them to take a look at, and think in advance about anything you’d like to discuss.

These workshops are being held upstairs at the Duke of Wellington in Soho, a five minute walk from the Gayming Live pop up shop.

Places are limited, so book your space fast. Click below for the relevant tickets on Eventbrite:

Workshop 1 – Careers workshop

Workshop 2 – Craft workshop

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