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Games to watch out for: Table Manners

Dating is so hard because you just never know what you’re going to get. Are you going to find the love of your life, or a total slob that doesn’t know any manners, never mind table manners? For this game however, it seems to be…the latter. Always the latter.

In Table Manners, you can be the perfect person, right up until you get on the date itself. Sure, you made a funny joke about Boris Johnson just now, but it’s all going to go downhill the moment the waiter brings your date a glass of wine.

You see, in Table Manners, it’s just so, so hard not to spill everything, slap your date with their meat (I’m not sorry), and stab them by accident with a fork. We’ll have to thank how physic-based this game is for this lovely, wacky mess.

Table Manners
Oh did you not want the beer spilled on you, honey? You should have said.

Curve Digital and Echo Chamber Games, the brains behind this magical game, are said to be “proud to announce their new first-person dating game, Table Manners, will hit PC early next year.” Even if this first-person dating is in fact a disembodied hand.

And this disembodied hand? It is not here to play around. Even the smallest action of putting a burger on your plate can lead to chucking it at your partner’s head at full force if you aren’t careful. Exactly how my real dates go!

The partners that you can take on a date are all procedurally generated so you’ll never know exactly who will sit across you at the dinner table. While we’re not sure if this was the game’s intention, it means that yes, you’ll be able to partake in gay dating… Even though it might not last, depending on how the date goes anyway…

Table Manners will release on PC sometime next year, 2020.

In the meantime, check out the latest announcement trailer to see how hilarity and danger go hand in hand in this wacky dating simulator.

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