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Tips from the Top: streaming with the Stream Queens

Thinking of starting your own stream? There’s plenty of fun to be had playing games (or not) on webcam, chatting with like-minded people and maybe even making a little cash on the side. But as gaymers, we’re more susceptible to hate and trolls online.

So who better to ask than The Stream Queens for a little advice? The Twitch team, originally set up by Deere, brings together drag artists on the platform from across the world to game together, drag together, and fight the trolls. There are now almost 30 members – and counting!

I spoke to a handful of these wonderful artists for some top tips!

Joy Stique

I would say just try to be yourself and don’t get discouraged if you get streams where you only get one or two viewers. There’s still that one person just wanting to see your content and interact with you, so as long as there’s that one person – I mean Lady Gaga said it a million times!

Ecto Babble

Find something that you’re passionate about, that relaxes you and makes you feel good while doing it. Streaming has to be something that fills your soul first rather than fills the chat, because the chat will be empty for a long time.

The thing you do on Twitch, whether it’s gaming or art, making things or writing, woodwork or whatever, it’s got to fill inside. That’s what people are going to come here for, because they’re attracted to that energy, they see that you love what you do.


Get to know your niche. I was thankful to [join the Stream Queens] because that really helped me meeting other queens. And I think as a streamer it’s important to meet other people. Go to other people’s channels, meet new people, make new friends. Don’t tell them you’re a streamer right off the bat – that’s like going to McDonald’s and saying I’m going to Burger King! But get to know people inside the community, get them to know your name. If you network correctly, only good things are coming to you. Care for the people in your niche, don’t just be there for the sake of it.


Definitely find a moderation team. As a gay man, as a drag queen, as an LGBTQIA public figure on the Internet, I will always get trolls and people questioning the relevance of my content. So [when I started] I knew that I needed at least one person to help support me. My very first mod was my friend who’s still there now as part of the mod team! So find a person to have your back as a moderator, it’s just as easy as deleting someone or banning someone when they try and be hateful.

Also, streaming definitely takes an investment, so you need to have the tools in general to stream. It doesn’t have to be the cleanest stream, it doesn’t have to have the best FPS, it doesn’t need to be this big spectacle. It can literally just be you playing games on your PS4 using the built in streaming capabilities. At first I didn’t have the most expensive setup but I wanted to make it work so I did. Use your resources!


I would say just do it! You have to start somewhere. Streaming can be very overwhelming to start. You look at these channels and you see graphics, you see explosions, notifications and all this crazy shit. When I started I remember being so paralyzed because I didn’t know what to do. You have to not overwhelm yourself and add things slowly. Just know that technical difficulties are going to happen and they suck! They still happen to everyone, you just have to become better and better a little bit at a time.


Have very thick skin. You will have someone call you nasty things every single day that you are streaming when you have your face out there, especially if you are an effeminate gay or someone who is transparent in their description about who they are and what they identify themselves as. So have super thick skin.

And be yourself! Don’t strive to be what you think will be a success. Find who you are, be true to yourself and your community when you build it. When people see honesty and someone who’s genuine, it’s magnetic – they want to go back to see more. That can really inspire and influence them.

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