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The Waylanders will include polyamorous relationships

The Waylanders is best described as a party-based RPG that combines the best of the minds behind Dragon Age, Telltale and Fallout 2. With that in mind, it would be preposterous not to at least wonder what this game has in store. After all, with what we know so far: fantasy, time-traveling, and magic, it’s obvious that GATO Studio has a lot of ambition.

But there’s more to this game outside of killing bad guys and traveling through time. Your character will also have the opportunity to settle down with someone you love. This we already knew, but thanks to our friends at GamesRadar, we now know that romance isn’t just going to be a monogamous affair.

In their interview with GamesRadar, Emily Grace Buck, a narrative designer for The Waylanders, talked more about romance and how that would be affected by your character, as well as through the rather glaring issue of time travel. Alongside that, they mentioned how polyamory would fit in the game.

The waylanders

“We currently have some characters who prefer to keep things casual, and some who want a serious relationship, as well as some who are openly polyamorous, and some who are not,” Buck told GamesRadar. “So, players will have a lot of opportunities to develop an array of interesting romances and friendships throughout the game… or none, if they so choose!”

Considering that we still live in a society that unfortunately has not yet grasped how polyamory is just another way of loving, us at Gayming Magazine are intrigued on how GATO Studios will handle such a subject that hasn’t been touched on.

As for same-sex romances, none have been fully confirmed in the same way polyamory has. But with the GamesRadar preview mentioning that you could romance a woman in one era, only to skip ahead and find out they’ve been reincarnated as a man in the next, we’re hopeful.

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