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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launches 21 June, Premieres New Trailer

Expecto Patronum. Whose voice did you hear that in? Harry’s while battling a swirling mass of Dementors, or Professor Snape’s while retelling the tragic death of his unrequited love, Lilly Potter? Well, starting on 21 June 2019, Harry Potter fans can yell that to the heavens themselves as the augmented reality game launches on App Stores around the world.

For many book readers and movie viewers around the world, the Harry Potter universe became a second home. A world where everyone is accepted and can do magical feats with the flick of a wand, it’s no surprise that so many LGBT youth found comfort in the J.K. Rowling created saga.

A love story between two of the strongest wizard’s in history, Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, is currently playing out in the Fantastic Beasts series in theaters.

Niantic, the developer responsible for Pokemon Go, and Warner Bro. Games are hoping to recapture some of the whimsical charm and worldwide phenomenon with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – a new smartphone game that brings the power of The Elder Wald right to your very fingertips. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite drops on 21 June 2019.

This augmented reality, free-to-play cell phone game will start rolling out exclusively in The United States and England. You can “pre-order” it on App Stores and Google Play today!

The Wizarding World needs you! Magic is being exposed to muggles and dark forces are mounting an attack. Join your friends in casting spells, potion making, discovering mysterious artifacts, and befriending magical creatures.; all while being ready to defend yourself against those who threaten our world.

Watch the cinematic game-play trailer below, featuring The Boy Who Lived in a very quick cameo appearance!

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