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Gayming LIVE 2023

Friday, October 6 – Sunday, October 8, 2023

Gayming LIVE, the world’s biggest LGBTQ gaming and geek convention, is back for 2023 this October (6-8th) with presenting partner Healthysexual from Gilead Sciences and featuring three days of free-to-access streaming and other exciting activations. Plus, two weeks of awesome content and some pretty exciting live events that will wrap around the main convention weekend.

With a blend of big-name talent, gameplay streams, panel talks, celebrity guests, and more, the Gayming LIVE Main Stage will be the place to be as the weekend unfolds. Get ready for exclusive reveals, big surprises and some awesome prizes to be won too!

Full scheduling for the weekend will be revealed soon, until then keep checking back here for any new information. Also, be sure to follow the Gayming Magazine socials for more information.

Main Stage

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FridayTime EST
Intro from Hosts11:00
Star Trek Panel11:15
Indie Showcase12:30
Barbie Horse Adventures Speed Run 13:30
Creating Safe Online Communities Panel – Sponsored by Remag14:45
Wrestling with Emotions – Sponsored by Prismatika15:50
Cosplay Competition17:45

Star Trek Panel
Beam aboard an exhilarating voyage into the heart of the Star Trek universe! Our panel brings together some of the most captivating personalities deeply embedded in the fandom. Get ready to explore the final frontier like never before, as we delve into all things Star Trek!

Indie Showcase
We showcase a handpicked selection of the diverse LGBTQ+ indie games that have been submitted for our Indie Festival

Barbie Horse Adventures Speed Run
Giddy up for an electrifying spectacle as drag artist Mynxie aims to break a world record in a high-speed Barbie game run!

Creating Safe Online Communities
Join us for an engaging panel discussion on the vital topic of creating safe and inclusive online communities within the gaming space. Sponsored by Remag.

Wrestling With Emotions
Join us for an immersive let’s play, exclusive insights from the developers, and a sneak peek at tantalizing teasers from the new game by Prismatika. Get ready to grapple with emotions in a way you’ve never imagined. Sponsored by Prismatika.

Cosplay Competition
Our star-studded hosts are gearing up to dazzle you as they review the entrants and shower prizes upon the winners of our TikTok cosplay competition.

SaturdayTime EST
Intro from Hosts11:00
Queer Characters, Queer Worlds, Queer Stories11:15
Indie Showcase13:00
Queer Eye for the Baldur’s Gate Guy14:00
Cozy Gaming15:15
Stream Queen Extravaganza16:30
In the Footsteps of Horror, a Pathfinder Quest18:15

Queer Characters, Queer Worlds, Queer Stories
An engaging panel discussion that delves into the exciting world of tabletop gaming with a focus on LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity. Sponsored by Paizo.

Indie Showcase
We showcase a handpicked selection of the diverse LGBTQ+ indie games that have been submitted for our Indie Festival

Queer Eye for the Baldur’s Gate Guy
Get ready for a hilarious endeavor as our talent dives headfirst into the enchanting realm of Baldur’s Gate character creation.

Cozy Gaming
Get ready to be wrapped in warmth, comfort, and pure gaming joy as our streamers play a treasure trove of heartwarming Cozy game titles.

Stream Queen Extravaganza
Iconic drag personalities come together for a thrilling Let’s play! These fabulous queens are teaming up for a heart-pounding gaming adventure that will keep you glued to your screen.

In the Footsteps of Horror, a Pathfinder Quest
The team at Paizo joins forces for an epic first play-through of their exciting new storyline. Sponsored by Paizo.

SundayTime EST
Intro from Hosts11:00
Indie Showcase11:15
Getting Into Games Panel12:15
Station to Station13:30
Who’s On Top15:15
Stream For a Cause Fundraiser Finale16:30

Indie Showcase
We showcase a handpicked selection of the diverse LGBTQ+ indie games that have been submitted for our Indie Festival

Getting Into Games Panel
A powerhouse panel will ignite discussions on the topic of diverse recruitment within the dynamic world of the gaming industry. Sponsored by MPG.

Station to Station
An exclusive segment that will transport you into the captivating world of ‘Station to Station’! We showcase an immersive let’s play, offer insights from the devs, and provide sneak peeks of Prismatika’s exciting new game. Sponsored by Prismatika.

Who’s On Top
A side-splitting stream where our fabulous drag hosts bring the world’s most beloved video game characters to an epic showdown using the most flawless of scientific methods!

Stream for a Cause Fundraiser Finale
An electrifying and action-packed showdown that will be the grand finale of our Stream For A Cause fundraiser.

Community Zone

The hugely popular Community Zone, sponsored by Remag, returns as the home of conversation hosted by community groups from around the world.

Watch these awesome panels live at

Indie Festival

Once again, the Gayming LIVE Indie Festival is back and features a two-week Steam Festival, from September 30th to October 14th, showcasing 60+ amazing LGBTQ indie games. Plus, each day on the Main Stage there will be a trailer round-up on stream so you can check out our team’s thoughts of each of the 60+ games.

Visit the Steam Event

Gayming LIVE Locals

While being a predominantly virtual event makes Gayming LIVE accessible to all, it’s fun to be able to celebrate in person and we’ve got two awesome Gayming LIVE Local events coming to New York City and Los Angeles.

Sunday, October 8th – New York City

Join NYC Gaymers at OS NYC on Sunday, October 8, 2023 4 PM – 10 PM, as they celebrate and participate in Gayming LIVE with performances from drag icons Aja and Megami, and beats by DJ KyleDanger.

  • Watch Gayming LIVE on the BIG screen
  • Music and performances
  • Food and Drink menu

Free event! Head here for more info and to grab tickets:


Gayming LIVE 2023 is proudly presented by Healthysexual from Gilead Sciences, and sponsored by Remag, Prismatika, Paizo and The Multiplayer Group.